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the incident

This long standing Essex family business had just refurbished an industrial unit they own for new tenants who were due to move in the following week when they suffered a break in. The intruders systematically stripped the property of all wiring and copper pipework leaving the premises to flood.

"There is nothing more soul destroying than to see your family’s legacy be completely obliterated in that way. This was meant to be an income for my grandchildren. As a result I’ve lost the tenants as well as being left with an unusable shell."

"I contacted my broker who contacted insurers. The loss adjuster seemed very nice on the day but I was shocked when he sent me an email to offer 25K – 90% less than what it actually cost me to do in the first place. They relied on a ‘betterment’ clause. I realised I needed help"

"I asked around and Oakleafe Claims were very highly recommended to me. Not only did they attend the very same day I called them but i felt extremely reassured they were not going to allow insurers to get away with what I can only describe as derogatory and disappointing offer."

How Oakleafe Claims Handled:
  • Engaged Quantity surveyors to quantify the true loss to current building reg’s

  • Calculated the loss of revenue as a result of the tenants failure to occupy

  • Reviewed the policy and overturned the betterment issue

  • Engaged approved contractors to repair the property for reuse

The Final Result:

“What more do I need to say. Not only did I get the full cost back of what it would cost to put back but Oakleafe got me all the rent that I would have had if the tenant had moved in originally. They overcome the betterment issue as well and I must say I’m delighted. They are worth every penny.”

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