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Oil leaks are common, especially in rural or remote areas, and the resultant damage from these leaks can be considerable. Odour, contamination and health complaints are the result. The technical term for this peril is an escape of oil in the policy and proximate causes can be leaks from boilers, split pipework or damaged oil tanks.

Oil leaks in your business property are dangerous and should be treated the same as any other chemical spill. Specialist remediation is required and materials impregnated with oil are in danger of being required to be removed and replaced.

It will ruin lawns and fauna and contaminate ground water and aggregates. It is well documented that odour from an oil leak can cause headaches, coughs, and fatigue.

Oil like most liquid, is insidious and seeps into neighbouring land and properties, drains and foundations. Damage can be hundreds of thousands of pounds.

Mitigation measures need to be in place quickly to prevent secondary damage and you should turn off your oil supply and have a professional empty your tank if necessary followed by a call to Oakleafe to support you with your impending Insurance claim.