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E3 - Loss Adjusters vs Loss Assessors

The latest episode of the Claim Game sees Dean joined by Oakleafe's commercial claims director, Graham Crumb. With four decades worth of experience in the industry, Graham shares his thoughts on the world of claims, including stories from other the years. The two also discuss the history of Loss Assessors, the current state of the industry, and how it might evolve in the future.

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E2 - What Is Underinsurance

Welcome back to The Claim Game; your go to podcast for information, news, and advice on insurance and insurance claims. On this episode, Dean is joined by fellow Oakleafe Claims co-owner, Lee Goodwin to discuss one of the biggest issues in insurance claims at the moment - underinsurance. With at least 1 in 5 homeowners in the UK underinsured, we cover everything you need to know on the matter, including the consequences of being underinsured and how to avoid this costly issue.

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E1 - Storm Damage Insurance Claims

Welcome to the very first episode of The Claim Game; your go to podcast for information, news, and advice on everything insurance and insurance claim related. The Claim Game is hosted by Dean Goodwin, co-owner of Oakleafe Claims, who are the UK's leading Loss Assessors. The podcast will be educating you on all the complex issues in the world of insurance claims, and the challenges you may face if you are ever unfortunate enough to come across your own claim. Our guest for this episode is our very own Grant Williams, who heads up the Midlands claims team for Oakleafe. Grant joins Dean to discuss one of the most common causes of insurance claims in current times - storms. They cover all the key areas related to storms and storm claims from insurers definition of a storm, how to prepare for a storm and what you should do if you suffer damage from a storm.

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