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Your Guide to Making a Landlord Insurance Claim

landlord insurance claim

When your rental property encounters damage, whether it’s water damage or fire, the subsequent steps you take are vital. As a landlord, landlord insurance is your safety net. Let’s delve into how to handle this crucial type of insurance.

Section 1: How to File a Landlord Insurance Claim

Filing a landlord insurance claim may seem daunting, but knowing the process simplifies matters. Begin by contacting your loss assessor, who will guide you through the steps necessary to file the claim. Document the property damage with photographs and detailed notes. Be meticulous; insurance companies appreciate thorough records. Complete all required forms promptly and accurately, and keep copies for your records.

Section 2: The Financial Implications of a Claim

A common concern among landlords is whether insurance coverage costs will increase after a claim. The short answer: it’s possible. After a claim, some insurance companies may view your rental property as a higher risk, leading to a premium increase. However, the specifics can vary significantly between different covered perils and policies.

Section 3: Legal Aspects of Landlord Insurance

Does landlord insurance cover being sued? Generally, yes. Liability coverage in landlord insurance protects you if a tenant or visitor claims for injury due to a fault in the property. Legal cover can further safeguard you against potential legal expenses, offering a crucial layer of security. However we advise you to check your policy and speak with your insurer.

Section 4: The Role of Renters Insurance

Renters insurance is another layer of protection, but for the tenant. It covers personal belongings in case of damage or theft, and can sometimes cover a tenant’s liability, reducing potential claims against your landlord policy.

Section 5: How a Loss Assessor Like Oakleafe Claims Can Help

In the maze of insurance claims, Oakleafe Claims, a reputable loss assessor, can guide you. They advocate for policyholders during the often-stressful claims process. Unlike insurance agents who work for the insurer, Oakleafe represents you. They scrutinise your policy, ensuring you are fully aware of your entitled cover and help negotiate with insurance companies for the best settlement. From water damage to extensive property damage, they assess and document everything meticulously, ensuring that your claim is vital. They manage all communication with the insurance company, lifting that burden from your shoulders, and helping to expedite the claims process. Their role in securing compensation is paramount for covering losses efficiently.

Section 6: Key Features to Look for in Landlord Insurance

When choosing landlord insurance, look for comprehensive dwelling coverage, liability coverage, and medical bills cover. Check if the policy covers the cost of legal fees and personal property damage. Assess the covered perils closely and ensure the policy aligns with your risk profile and the nature of your rental property.


Navigating landlord insurance claims needn't be a complex process. With professional guidance from loss assessors like Oakleafe Claims, you can traverse the intricate pathways of insurance with confidence, securing the best possible outcome for your property and peace of mind.

Facing an insurance claim? Don’t navigate the storm alone. Contact Oakleafe Claims, your dedicated loss assessors, to safeguard your investment and future.

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