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The Risks of Having an Unoccupied Property and Insurance

Owning a property can come with unique challenges, particularly when it insurance. Whether you're a property owner with an empty home, delving into your insurance policy, or facing the daunting task of an insurance claim, understanding how unoccupied properties affect this is crucial.

How Long Can I Leave My House Empty in the UK?

In the UK, most standard home insurance policies cover an empty home for a period of 30 days with some extending to 60. However, this duration can vary, and it's essential to check your policy's specifics to protect your property adequately.

The Risks of a Vacant Property

Unoccupied properties are susceptible to various risks. If regular maintenance is not partaken this can lead to water damage (Escape of Water, Flood damage) or issues with heating systems (frozen pipes). Additionally, empty properties often attract criminal damage, increasing the risk of damage.

The Hazard of A Vacant Building

Vacant buildings are potential hazards due to factors like deteriorating structures and the increased likelihood of squatters. For commercial properties, these risks can escalate, affecting insurance cover.

Insurance Coverage for Long-term Vacancy

Specialist unoccupied property insurance becomes necessary when a property is left empty for an extended period. Standard home insurance may not suffice, leaving property owners vulnerable.

The Cost of Insuring an Unoccupied Property

Yes, insuring an unoccupied property is typically more expensive due to the heightened risks involved. However, measures to minimise the risk, such as securing the property and regular checks, can help reduce premiums.

Can You Insure a House That Is Not Occupied?

It is possible to insure a house that is not occupied. Insurance providers offer policies specifically designed for vacant properties to address the unique challenges they pose.

Definition of an Unoccupied House for Insurance Purposes

An unoccupied house, for insurance purposes, generally refers to a property left empty for over 30-60 days. The definition can vary among insurers, so it's important to confirm with your provider.

The Advantage of Hiring a Loss Assessor like Oakleafe in the event of an Insurance Claim

When facing the complexities of insuring an unoccupied property or making a claim, expertise is invaluable. Hiring a loss assessor, such as Oakleafe, can significantly benefit property owners. They provide expert guidance through the claims process, ensuring you receive fair treatment from insurers and helping to reduce the risk and stress involved.

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