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Preventing Workplace Fires: Common Causes and Tips for a Safer Work Environment

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Workplace fires can be devastating, causing property damage, injuries, and sometimes even fatalities. It is essential for businesses to understand the common causes of workplace fires and implement preventive measures to ensure a safer work environment. In this blog, we will explore the common causes of workplace fires, provide tips on how to prevent them, and discuss how Oakleafe Claims Loss Assessors can assist you in managing insurance claims related to workplace fires.

Common Causes of Workplace Fires and Prevention Tips:

Common Causes of Workplace Fires include -

1. Electrical issues:

Electrical problems are a leading cause of workplace fires. Overloaded circuits, damaged wiring, and the improper use of extension cords can all result in fires. According to the Electrical Safety Foundation International (ESFI), electrical malfunctions caused 25% of all non-residential fires in the UK between 2015 and 2020.

Prevention: How to prevent Electrical Issues in the workplace

  • Regularly inspect and maintain electrical systems.
  • Avoid overloading circuits or using damaged wiring and electrical equipment.
  • Ensure employees are trained in proper electrical safety practices.
Preventing Workplace Fires: Common Causes and Tips for a Safer Work Environment

2. Cooking equipment:

Cooking equipment, such as stoves and microwaves, are a common cause of fires in workplaces with kitchens or break rooms. According to the UK Home Office, cooking equipment accounted for 30% of non-dwelling fires in 2019-2020.

Prevention: How to prevent fire in the workplace due to cooking equipment

  • Regularly clean and maintain cooking equipment.
  • Keep flammable materials away from cooking surfaces.
  • Install fire extinguishers and smoke detectors in kitchen areas.
Appliance fire in kitchen

3.Heating equipment:

Portable heaters and heating systems can cause fires if not used correctly or if they malfunction. According to the UK Home Office, heating appliances were responsible for 4% of non-dwelling fires in 2019-2020.

Prevention: How to prevent fires due to heating equipment

  • Maintain and inspect heating equipment regularly.
  • Keep flammable materials at least three feet away from heaters.
  • Train employees in the proper use and safety precautions associated with heating equipment.

4. Smoking:

Careless smoking is another common cause of workplace fires. According to the UK Home Office, smoking materials caused 5% of non-dwelling fires in 2019-2020.

Prevention: How to prevent fire due to careless smoking

  • Implement and enforce a designated smoking area away from flammable materials and building entrances.
  • Provide appropriate receptacles for cigarette disposal.
  • Educate employees about the dangers of careless smoking.
Preventing Workplace Fires: Common Causes and Tips for a Safer Work Environment

5. Arson:

Intentional fires or arson can be a significant cause of workplace fires. The UK Home Office reported that arson accounted for 20% of non-dwelling fires in 2019-2020.

Prevention: How to protect your workplace against Arson

  • Install security cameras and alarm systems.
  • Keep the workplace well-lit and secure, especially after business hours.
  • Encourage employees to report any suspicious activities or individuals.
house fire insurance claim tips

How Oakleafe Claims Loss Assessors Can Help:

If your business has experienced a workplace fire that has caused property damage, Oakleafe Claims Loss Assessors can help you navigate the insurance claims process. Our team of experienced professionals will work on your behalf to ensure you receive the compensation you deserve. We provide expert advice, manage communication with your insurance company, and help you prepare all necessary documentation to support your claim. With Oakleafe Claims Loss Assessors on your side, you can focus on recovering from the incident and rebuilding your business.

Workplace fires can have serious consequences for businesses and employees. By understanding the common causes and implementing preventive measures, you can create a safer work environment and protect your business from potential losses. If you find yourself dealing with the aftermath


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