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Movo Awards 2023: Oakleafe Claims shortlisted for 'Claims service provider of the year' award

Movo Awards 2023: Oakleafe Claims shortlisted for 'Claims service provider of the year' award
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Movo Awards 2023

Oakleafe Claims are delighted to announce that we have been nominated for the 'Claims Service Provider Of The Year Award' at the 2023 Movo conference. We are also a sponsor of the event and will be exhibiting on a stand during the day.

What is the Movo conference and award ceremony?

The Movo conference this year is taking place at Aviva St Helens in London on Thursday 20th April, with the awards ceremony following at Madame Tussauds the same evening. With an impressive list of leading insurers, broker members, Movo partners and industry professionals attending, the conference promises to be a busy and enjoyable day. There will be many opportunities for exhibitors and professionals across the industry to network, make connections and expand their knowledge. Having launched in 2019, the Movo awards ceremony will be a unique and special celebration of hard work and excellence in the industry.

Who are Oakleafe Claims?

Oakleafe Claims are the UK's leading Loss Assessors and have been giving professional insurance claim help since the first World War. If you are ever in the unfortunate situation of having to deal with an insurance claim, whether this be in your home or business, Oakleafe are on standby to give immediate help to get your life back on track. As the only party in the claim on your side, Oakleafe will look after your interests and deal with all the stressful meetings and investigations to ensure you get the most out of your claim.

Movo award nomination

It is a huge privilege for Oakleafe to be shortlisted for the 'Claims Service Provider of the Year Award'. Having won several top awards last year, we are super proud of everyone in the Oakleafe team to continuing to strive towards perfection in managing clients' claims, and hope their efforts are rewarded at the conference.

We look forward to both the conference the awards ceremony and seeing many likeminded businesses and wonderful people there.

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