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Dealing with a Difficult Insurance Claim

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Having a disaster in your home or business, is to say the least, a very traumatic experience and now you have the responsibility with dealing and submitting a complex and difficult Insurance Claim.

Fortunately, you have prepared well. The good news is that you have a strong insurance policy covering you against such circumstance, you have paid your premiums on time, year after year.

Unfortunately, the bad news is that the impending insurance claim you’re about to make will often seem more frightening with great difficulties and stress in comparison to the actual disaster.

Why are Insurance Claims Difficult?

Insurance Claims are Difficult because it the responsibility of the policyholder to prepare and present their claim to the Insurance Company. This could often mean you would have to quantify and justify every single aspect of the loss while trying to keep things afloat.

Insurance companies would send out their own Loss Adjuster whose sole responsibility is to represent the Insurance’s interest and investigate the cause of the incident. Additionally, they can try to interrogate you and find any possible faults which might be used to deny the claim.

Difficult Insurance Claims Lead to Repudiation

Did you know that 1 in 5 Home Insurance Claims are Repudiated (Not Paid Out). When facing difficult Insurance claims, it is common when policyholders do not not read the fine print in their insurance policies and may often find they have not met some of conditions in a policy.

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Loss Assessors can handle Difficult Insurance Claims

Loss Assessors work and represent the policyholder in the event of an Insurance Claim. Loss Assessors are independent Insurance Claim experts who can take the stress away from your claim. They work for you the policyholder, and only you. They can use their expertise knowledge and skills to deal with Difficult Insurance Claims. Loss Assessors will aim to get everything you are entitled to.

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How Oakleafe Can Help with Difficult Insurance Claims

Oakleafe is the only party in the claim process which is on your side. Insurers appoint their own specialists to look after their interests to limit the levels of their liability. We are interested exclusively in your interests, to ensure you receive everything you are entitled to under the policy.

Having handled hundreds of complex and difficult Insurance Claims with the experience of over 8 Generations. We are confident to handle all the claim process from the beginning, until the end. where we can negotiate and ensure you are returned to a pre-loss position.

Every single claim will be unique in a certain way. Whether you have experienced a Flood or a Fire & Smoke Damage, we are able to handle all aspects of the claim.

Process in an Insurance Claim

As Insurance Assessors, we take our clients through every step of the Insurance Claim and we keep them up to date with every progress made. Difficult Insurance Claims can potentially be very complex but have made a quick list below that summarises the average process in handling an Insurance Claim.

  • Notification - After an incident your Insurance Company needs to be notified of the incident.
  • Mitigation - All policies place a responsibility on the policy holder to mitigate or prevent the damage from worsening.
  • Appointing an Assessor - Our experienced in-house Assessors would be assigned to your claim who will use their wealth of experience to manage all aspects of the claim.
  • Restoration - Depending on the type of claim, a professional restoration approach would be undertaken to ensure material damage is kept to a minimum.
  • Scope of Specification - Charted Surveyors, Structural Engineers, Contamination Experts and other professionals prepare detailed quantification of the loss. All reports and claim documents would then be submitted to the insurer.
  • Negotiation - We will undertake all meetings, phone calls, communications and negotiations to achieve a satisfactory settlement.
  • Approval - Once Insurers or their representatives approve the claim we prepared and submitted to them, funds are released to enable works or professional services to commence.

If you require any information, feel free to contact us and we would be happy to help you!

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If you have been declined whilst trying to claim on your domestic or commercial insurance, we can help. We can also help with professional services, for example, Brokers, VAR Valuations and Managing Agents.