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Fire Safety with Barbecues: Protecting Your Home

Fire Safety with Barbecues: Protecting Your Home

Fire Safety in the Home with Barbecues: Protecting Your Home avoiding a fire and an fire Insurance Claim.

Are you among the many looking to take advantage of the glorious sunshine and who will be firing up the BBQ to enjoy with your family and friends? Barbecues are a fantastic way to enjoy the great outdoors, gather with loved ones, and savour delicious grilled delights. However, it's crucial to remember that safety should always be a top priority when firing up the grill. Negligence and carelessness during barbecuing can have devastating consequences, not only for your home but also for your home insurance claims. This blog will delve into the importance of fire safety while barbecuing, provide essential tips to prevent accidents and illustrate the potential ramifications of disregarding these precautions.

The Importance of Fire Safety with Barbecues in the home

Taking proactive measures to ensure fire safety during barbecues is of paramount importance. Adhering to proper safety guidelines can significantly reduce the risk of fires and their potential damage to your property. It's crucial to understand that home insurance policies often have provisions regarding fire-related incidents, and if negligence is found to be the cause, it could impact your insurance claim. Therefore, it is essential to be cautious and mindful while enjoying your outdoor cooking experience.

Fire Safety Barbecue Tips in the home:

- Location, Location, Location

Choose a suitable location for your barbecue away from flammable structures, such as buildings, trees, or overhanging branches. Keep a safe distance to minimise the risk of accidental fires spreading. Ensure it is placed on a secure and stable flat surface.

Fire Safety with Barbecues: Protecting Your Home

- Proper Equipment

Ensure you have the appropriate barbecue equipment and tools, such as long-handled utensils, heat-resistant gloves, and a fire extinguisher within reach. These tools will enable you to handle any unforeseen circumstances promptly. Ensure you have water or sand nearby should any emergencies arise.

- Charcoal and Gas Safety

If you're using a charcoal grill, ensure that the coals are fully extinguished and cooled before disposing of them in a designated metal container. For gas grills, check for gas leaks regularly and keep the supply hose away from hot surfaces.

  • Use around 2 inches of coal. you only need enough to cover the base of your barbeque
  • Never use petrol, use the recommended amount of starter fuel only on cold coals
  • Make sure the tap is turned off before changing the gas cylinder.
  • Change cylinders outdoors if possible or in a well ventilated area to avoid inhalation
  • Turn off the gas cylinder before turning off at the controls to ensure any gas left in the pipes are used up.

- Never Leave Unattended

Always keep a watchful eye on your barbecue. Leaving it unattended even for a short period can lead to accidental fires and hazardous situations.

Fire Safety with Barbecues: Protecting Your Home

- Proper Lighting:

Make sure the barbecue area is well-lit, especially if you plan to grill late into the evening. Adequate lighting will help you avoid accidents and ensure you have better visibility while cooking.

- Wait until your BBQ is cool before moving

Ensure your barbeque is cool before attempting to move it to avoid any risk of fire or burns to yourself and others. If either of these incidents occur call the emergency services immediately. It is advisable to have any injury or burns checked by the NHS

The Consequences of Negligence with Fire Safety and Barbecuing at home:

Let's consider an example to better understand the consequences of carelessness during barbecuing. Imagine you forget to properly extinguish the charcoal after grilling and dispose of it in a bin near your home. Due to the residual heat, the bin's contents catch fire, quickly spreading to your house. The fire causes significant damage to your property, resulting in the need to file an insurance claim. However, during the investigation, it is discovered that the fire was a direct result of your negligence in properly disposing of the charcoal. This negligence may lead to complications with your insurance claim, potentially resulting in repudiation or reduced coverage.


Fire safety is vital to enjoying barbecues in the comfort of your home. Following the above fire safety tips can reduce the risk of accidents and protect your property. Remember, negligence and carelessness during barbecuing can have severe consequences for your home and your insurance claims. Stay vigilant, be responsible, and prioritise fire safety to ensure a delightful and worry-free outdoor cooking experience.

If you are affected by a fire and need to make an insurance claim, it is advisable to contact a Claims management company such Oakleafe Claims. You will have your own Loss Assesor who will be on hand to guide and support you throughout the whole process. ensuring you stay in control and receive your full entitlement

Fire Safety with Barbecues: Protecting Your Home

Most Importantly, enjoy your barbeque with your friends and family!




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