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Fire damage claims can be particularly stressful, but the Fire Insurance Claim Guide can make things a bit easier for those who do have to deal with them. Fire damage claims are not only time consuming but can also be quite difficult to assess. Annually there are about 37,000 house fires in the UK, and most are caused by accidents while cooking, such as leaving a frying pan unattended. Another common cause is frayed electrical wiring and faulty heating systems.

Fire damage can be complex and far beyond what is immediately noticeable so you may not know how to assess the loss properly if you handle your claim on your own. For example, you probably will not be able to see the extent of smoke damage and therefore may not claim for it. Only a professional with years of experience in the field will know how to look for signs of structural damage following a fire. It is always a good idea to hire a Loss Assessor such as Oakleafe Claims to help with a fire damage claim in your home. Insurance companies have their experts and so should you.

First Step In The Insurance Claim Guide

The first step is that if a fire in your home does happen, first leave the property and call the fire department. Only after the authorities declare your property safe to enter again check if any immediate repairs are needed to guard against further damage. This may include a temporary cover of damage to the roof to shield from rain. If such immediate repairs are needed and you fail to act, any further damage will likely be denied by your insurer.

At this point, if it’s safe, it’s a good idea to take photographs or videos to document all the effects of the fire damage. Also, make sure you obtain a copy of the fire department’s report to include in your claim. Your insurance company will ask for this documentation if authorities were called to the scene.


No one wants to think about a fire in your home but there are definite steps you can take to both improve safety and be prepared in case it happens. The Fire Insurance Claim Guide indicates that in order to avoid a fire in your home never leave anything on the stove unattended and keep your home and heating systems well maintained. Always make sure there are fire extinguishers in the home and that you know how to use them.

Also, make sure every household member knows how to evacuate the property in case of fire. You can practice evacuation routes with your family. Another good way to prepare is to keep records: photos, receipts, and inventory of home contents. This will help you prove their value and that you own them when the need arises. You can keep these records in a cloud-based platform so that they are easily accessible from anywhere when needed.

Support According To The Fire Insurance Claim Guide

To get the best professional help for your fire damage claim call a Loss Assessor such as Oakleafe Claims who will help you deal with the insurance company. In cases of fire damage, the insurer must eliminate fraud so some questions they may ask you may be uncomfortable. The insurance loss adjuster is also employed by the insurance company whose main priority is their bottom line and not yours. They are likely to want to settle your claim for the minimum required by law.

The loss assessor will help you prepare for their questions and guide you through the entire process having your best interest in mind. Most importantly they will expertly asses your loss, making sure to include everything your policy covers, and help prepare your claim. Fire damage repair costs can be quite high, and some claims can take a long time to settle. It is important not to exaggerate the value of your claim, but you also do not want to undervalue it either. When it comes to fire damage in your home professional support is priceless because it ensures you get everything you are entitled to and that you receive it as fast as possible.

Avoiding Mistakes Using The Fire Insurance Claim Guide

Any delay in filing is a common reason to deny a claim so make sure to file on time. Every insurer has a defined reasonable amount of time to file after an incident and this information should be easily found in your policy. Yes, you will have a lot on your mind and the wellbeing of your family will be your priority but do not ignore these timelines.

Another common mistake is throwing away items that have been affected as a result of the fire damage. You may not even realize it but if you throw away a burnt piece of furniture or any other household item, which reeks of smoke and maybe beyond salvageable, you just destroyed evidence. Do not throw anything away until after you file, and the insurance company’s loss adjuster has had time to assess the damage. Instead, make a list of damaged items and gather together all records you have that prove their value.


While nothing will make a fire claim process pleasant the home insurance claim guide will help eliminate some of the unnecessary hassles. If you file your insurance claim on time and hire the best professional help available, the entire experience will be a lot less stressful. Having proper documentation and always cooperating with the insurance company’s requests for information are also essential to proper processing of your claim. Having a plan in place ahead of any incident will enable you to deal with a fire better than you would unprepared.

That having been said, once disaster strikes, professional help from a Loss Assessor such as Oakleafe Claims can make all the difference in the outcome of Fire damage claim In Your Home. If emergency accommodations are needed, you can apply for an advance through your insurance company and your loss assessor can help you with this. They can also help you find appropriate accommodations until the repairs on your home are completed. Accidents do happen and fire damage tends to be complex so in addition to having a home insurance policy, consider professional support for your claim.

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