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Electrical Arc Faults Causing Domestic Fire Claims

Electrical failures are the main cause of fires in a home. They make up 25% of all fires and commonly this is down to an electrical arc fault.

What is an electrical arc faulact?

Electric arcing often occurs when there is a breakdown of dielectric strength. Dielectric strength is the maximum electric field a material can withstand in any insulating material in a live power system. Electrical Arc Faults can occur when there is an undesirable current flow in an unintended path.

House fire Tooting South East London
House fire Tooting South East London

Types of arc faults

There are two kinds of arc fault. Parallel arc fault and a Series arc fault.

Parallel arc fault

Parallel arc fault is when the current flows through damaged insulation from one conductor to another causing a leakage current that is too weak to be detected by a relay. The leakage current, travels in arcs to ease its passage through the insulation.

Series arc fault

A Series arc fault is when a single wire is broken apart and the current arcs gap across the conductor to complete the circuit. This in turn creates abnormal heat at the affected area, which degrades the insulation further and therefore can lead to the ignition of other material surrounding the insulation.

Each arc heats and gradually carbonises the insulation. Eventually the arcs ignite the carbonised insulation over time. Carbonised insulation acts like an accelerant fuel and is ignited by these electric arcs.

Leakages of current generate arcs that carbonise the insulation.  Carbonised insulation is an extremely good conductor of electricity. The cycle of arcing and carbon conduction gathers pace and intensity until the carbonised insulation spontaneously combusts which can lead to significant damage.

Get help with your fire Insurance claim caused by electrical arc

Dealing with the aftermath of fire damage caused by an electrical arc in your home is incredibly stressful. You will need an Insurance assessor if you want to receive your full entitlement after a fire. Oakleafe claims are loss assessors that will handle all aspects and prepare and present your claim to ensure you receive everything you’re entitled to whilst taking the stress away from you.

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