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Does My Home Insurance Cover Storm Damage?

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In the UK, storms are frequent, bringing with them high winds, heavy rainfall, and sometimes even flooding. Like Storm Isha, these natural events can cause significant damage to properties, leaving homeowners to face the daunting task of repairs and insurance claims. If you're one of the many affected by recent storms, you might wonder about your next steps and whether your insurance policy covers you.

Can I Claim for Storm Damage on My House Insurance?

The short answer is yes, in most cases. Most house insurance policies include cover for damage caused by storms. However, it's essential to understand the specifics of your policy. Coverage can vary, and there might be exclusions or specific conditions you need to meet.

How Do Insurers Define a Storm? What is Classed as a Storm?

Insurance companies have a specific definition for a 'storm'. Typically, this involves a certain wind speed level and may include other factors like heavy rainfall or hail. It's crucial to check with your insurer to understand their definition, as this can affect your ability to claim.

What wind speed is Classified as a storm for insurance?

The wind speed that insurance companies classify as a storm varies. The UK Met Office provides data on weather conditions, and insurers often use this information to determine if an event qualifies as a storm. Typically, wind speeds need to be above a certain threshold, which can vary from one policy to another.

Can You Claim for Storm Damage?

If your property has suffered damage due to high winds, heavy rain, or flooding, you can file a claim with your insurance provider. This includes damage to the structure of your home and possibly its contents, depending on your level of cover.

Who is Liable for Storm Damage in the UK?

Liability for storm damage in the UK usually falls to the property owner. It's your responsibility to maintain your property and have adequate insurance cover.

In cases of extreme weather, it's also your responsibility to file a claim with your insurance provider for any damage.

Understanding Your Policy: Coverage and Exclusions

When it comes to storm damage, not all policies are created equal. It's essential to understand the terms of your home insurance policy. Key elements to consider include:

  • Alternative Accommodation: If your home becomes uninhabitable due to storm damage, does your policy cover the cost of alternative accommodation?
  • Flood Risk: This is especially relevant if you live in a flood-prone area; ensure your policy covers flood damage.
  • Wear and Tear: Insurance policies typically do not cover damage due to wear and tear. Regular maintenance of your property is crucial.
  • Accidental Damage: Some policies offer cover for accidental damage, which might be relevant if the storm causes unexpected accidents within the home.

Protecting Your Home and Making a Claim

In the event of a storm, there are steps you can take to protect your home and simplify the claims process:

  • Protect Your Home: Protecting loose items, clearing gutters, and checking the roof can mitigate damage.
  • Document Everything: In the event of damage, document everything. Take photos and keep a record of all damages. This will be vital when you contact your insurance to make a claim.
  • Contact Your Insurance: After the storm, contact your insurance provider as soon as possible to start the claim process.

Levels of Cover and Choosing the Right Policy

Choosing the right level of cover is crucial. Consider factors like the value of your property, the risk of storms and flooding in your area, and whether you need extras like comprehensive car insurance for vehicles.

  • High Winds and Bad Weather: Ensure your policy covers damage from high winds and other bad weather conditions.
  • Weather Damage Insurance: Some policies offer specific cover for weather-related damage. Check the specifics of your policy.

The Role of Loss Assessors in Storm Damage Claims

Filing an insurance claim can be complex and stressful, especially after a storm. This is where loss assessors come in. A loss assessor works on your behalf, not the insurer's, to ensure you get the maximum entitlement under your policy.

  • Expertise in Insurance Claims: Loss assessors have in-depth knowledge of the insurance claims process and can guide you through each step.
  • Assessment of Damage: They can provide a professional assessment of the damage, ensuring nothing is overlooked.
  • Negotiation with Insurers: With their experience, loss assessors can negotiate effectively with insurers on your behalf.

Why Choose Oakleafe as Your Loss Assessor?

Oakleafe stands out as a trusted loss assessor, offering expert guidance.

In the event of a Claim, Remember the name!

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