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Public Loss Adjusters - What you need to know

Loss Adjusters - What you need to know
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All you need to know

The term Loss Adjusters will likely be alien to you if you have never had to make an Insurance claim. If your claim is complex and expensive, you will likely speak with one when making a claim. The purpose of this is to reach an agreement.

The Insurance claim process is often challenging and stressful, therefore it is important to know:

  • What is the role of a Loss Adjuster?
  • Can they reject your Insurance claim?
  • What do Loss Adjusters look for?

What are Loss Adjusters?

Insurance companies or policyholders often hire an Adjuster to work on their respective behalf. Insurance companies typically send them to assess the damage from a claim. This could be for incidents like fires or floods that occur in a home or business.

The Loss Adjuster visits the site to evaluate the situation. They assess, evaluate and report on the Insurance claim as a third party. The insurance company employs them, so they will act with their best interests in mind.

They will provide professional knowledge on the extent of damage, and the cost of reinstating property. The Loss Adjuster collects important information and creates a report. They also give their professional opinion on who should pay for the loss or damage. Their conclusions inform the settlement offered by those they represent.

What are the duties of a Loss Adjuster?

They are responsible for examining insurance claims for the insurance company once they exceed a specific value. This person is important in the insurance claim process. They are usually the first contact from your insurance company after you file a claim.

Usually, within a few days of the insurance company initiating the claim, the Loss Adjuster will inspect your property. This assessment gathers info for your insurer to verify the claim and ensure payment aligns with your policy. The insurance firm receives this data through their report.

Can they reject your Insurance claim?

They may decide your policy does not cover your claim. Insurance company Loss Adjusters are often biased towards their employer, so it's important to keep this in mind. After all, their success depends on the satisfaction of their client, the Insurance company.

An insurance company may ask their adjuster to focus on unclear findings. Additionally, they may ask them to focus on policy clauses that would remove their responsibility.

Policyholders cannot view the Adjusters' report, but they can ask about the conclusions and reasons. You may also ask which parts of your policy determined the decisions. If you do not agree with the final settlement and reasonings, you have the right to argue against their conclusions. By understanding your policy terms, and the reasoning behind the settlement decision, you can successfully counter their argument.

What do they look for?

They will investigate the cause of the incident

  • The value of the loss or the extent of the damage
  • If the Insurance policy is current and covers the extent of the loss
  • If all terms and conditions of the Insurance policy have been met
  • If the value being claimed for is correct

When the Loss Adjuster comes to your place, they will likely take photos of the visible damage to help their investigation. They may also suggest ways to reduce future losses by recommending safety and security measures.

What is the difference between a Loss Adjuster and a Loss Assessor?

Many people often confuse Loss Adjusters and Loss Assessors, but there exists a fundamental difference between them.

  • Insurance companies hire Loss Adjusters to investigate claims and provide them with a report.
  • Loss Assessors are private contractors appointed by you, the policyholder to protect your interests in an Insurance claim.
Loss Assessors vs Loss Adjusters: The key differences.

A Loss Adjuster has knowledge and experience in Insurance claims, particularly damage assessment, policy terms and settlements. They provide assessments and reports to assist the Insurance company with the settlement process and decision.

Loss Assessors, like Oakleafe, help policyholders with claims, using their expertise to settle them fairly and efficiently. They specialise in managing the claim and communicating with all parties involved. A Loss Assessor will offer support, advice, and guidance through a stressful period in your life. They assist with insurance claims while maintaining independence from the insurance company, ensuring they prioritize the policyholders' best interests.

We will manage your claim, and fight for you and your right to a settlement that reinstates your property and gets your life back on track. Oakleafe Loss Assessors can assist with complicated claims, handle uncooperative insurers and contractors, and comprehend your insurance policy information. Loss Assessors can simply be the voice of reason and support your need at a difficult time or offer full management of your claim.

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