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Impact Insurance Claims: What You Need to Know

When it comes to home insurance, few events can be as abrupt and startling as an impact event. It's a situation no homeowner wants to find themselves in. Yet, knowing how to navigate the waters of impact insurance claims can make the recovery process smoother.

Damage caused by the impact of a car hitting a shop

1. What is an impact insurance claim?

An impact insurance claim is a request for compensation from your property insurance provider due to loss or damages caused by a sudden impact from something outside. Imagine a vehicle accidentally ramming into your garden wall or a massive tree branch crashing onto your roof during a storm.

2. What is impact damage in home insurance?

Impact damage relates to any harm caused to your property by an unexpected external force resulting in physical damage. From the rogue cricket ball breaking a window to more significant events like construction debris damaging your exterior, these are instances that fall under the umbrella of impact damage, or a tree falling.

3. Is it worth claiming on house insurance?

A question many homeowners or people in real estate grapple with. The answer depends largely on the extent of the damage and the deductible of your policy. The terms and conditions may vary depending on each of the various types of insurance, however most insurers will cover the cost of repairing or replacing damage caused

For minor damages, it might be financially wiser to pay out-of-pocket, especially when considering the potential rise in future premiums. However, for larger, more costly damages, an insurance claim could be the most economical choice.

4. How much will my insurance go up after a claim?

The increase in your premium post-claim depends on several factors: the property type, the size and nature of the claim including your claims history, and the specific policies of your insurance company. Generally, you can expect a hike, but the exact percentage can vary widely.

Diving deeper into the world of insurance claims, two key roles emerge: the loss adjuster and the loss assessor.

  • Loss Adjuster: They are usually appointed by the insurance company, their role is to evaluate the damage and determine the amount the insurer should pay out. Their allegiance is primarily with the insurance company.
  • Loss Assessor: This is where entities like Oakleafe come into the picture. They represent you, the policyholder.
  • What is their objective? Ensuring you receive the maximum entitlement as per your policy. They're especially invaluable during the negotiation with your insurer, making sure your interests are front and centre.

Why Consider a Loss Assessor in Impact Claims?

The journey from sustaining damage to receiving a pay-out can be laden with challenges. This is where the claims process, steered by a competent loss assessor, shines. They not only ensure you're adequately compensated but also aid in investigating the cost of replacing items damaged by the impact and help alleviate the stress that comes with intricate insurance terminology and claim procedures,.

They will assist you from start to finish, not only dealing with insurance claims but also including checking accidental damage and assessing the damage to your property, secure your property, offer guidance on emergency repairs ensuring that you get the maximum amount.

In the turbulent aftermath of an impact event, clarity and support can seem elusive. However, armed with knowledge and backed by experts, you can navigate the insurance claims process with confidence. Whether you're currently facing an impact dilemma or are simply keen to be prepared for all eventualities, a firm grasp on impact claims and the roles of professionals in the arena can stand you in good stead.

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